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The kitchen at Overgaauw Restaurant is owned and run by chef Jason Comins. Trained at Ballymaloe Cookery School by Darina Allen, his cooking is simple and straightforward, relying on the quality of seasonal ingredients sourced as locally as possible, from small producers and farmers.


Jason is cooking in a space that was once the farm’s vinegar room. Here barrels of vinegar were made using an original ‘mother’ dating back to the 1940’s, and wine from the working cellar. Situated in the original stable – this was the first building to be built on Overgaauw in 1905 by the current farmer’s great grandfather. 


We work in collaboration with Jason to bring food to our tables in a unpretentious, family style manner.

Each gathering is approached in a way that allows the season and the celebration to infuse the meal with

unique flavours while keeping quality table time at the heart of it all. 


We intentionally keep some things simple and understated to create a feast around a hearty meal in a

pleasant down to earth atmosphere.


Our hope is that it's magical for everyone

when it all comes together.